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Aeroanion Counter

TThe first Aero anion sensor module supplier




Basic Function:

  • 1:High Precision: Industry level 24-bit low noise rail-to-rail ADC converter.
  • 2:High sensitivity: Can detect as low as 2 ions, resolution: 1 ion
  • 3:Quickly establish measurement data: the correct ion measurement data can be output in 15 seconds
  • 4:Detection range of anion counter: 2 to 16,000,000 ions/cm3 within Single range
  • 5:It can automatically calibrate and output valid measurement data without any operation. 6, Measure ion mobility: 0.4. Specialize in small ions. Focus on small particle size ions: less than 0.003um
  • 6:Error: Ion concentration <5%
  • 7:Power supply: DC 7.4 V, working current 500 mA
  • 8:Working environment: temperature - 0 ~ + 50 C, humidity R < 60% R. H
  • 9:Independent module, serial port output data, provide PC software

Customized Module:

  • 1:Customized module with Parallel plate type or Coaxial double cylinder
  • 2:Customized module for different anion mobility rate
  • 3:Customized module for Positive and Negative anion counter
  • 4:Customized UART data output protocol
  • 5:Customized counter range more than 1 B ions module
  • 6:Customized anion counter with WIFI or GPRS wireless data transfer module
  • 7:Customized module for anion counter measure and mobility rate