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  • Supports all mandatory Bluetooth V4.1 + EDR features including eSCO and AFH.
  • Allows full speed data transfer, mixed voice and data, and full piconet operation, including all EDR packet types.
  • Good performance for RF Characteristics.
  • Dual Microphone inputs
  • Advanced Audio arithmetic to improve quality of voice and music.
  • 3.3V Power supply and I/O.
  • Support HFP1.6 and A2DP,SPP data transfer
  • Support AT command support, communicates with MCU through the UART, or converted the command to SPP Bluetooth command, send the mobile phone to realize the control of the phone by MCU
  • Working temperature range -40 to 80 ℃.
  • Automatic Gain Control. Performs automatic volume adjustment of the signal on Tx and Rx.
  • Advanced multi-point support. Allows connecting 2 devices (either phones or pads) and handling multiple calls or music at the same time.
  • Built-in BT Chip Antenna on the module.
  • Speech recognition support. Speaker dependent speech recognition to handle answering/rejecting incoming call or other speech instructions.
  • Voice Name Prompt support. Record voice tags for each phone numbers. After that, when the phone with the dedicate phone number incoming call, headset will play out corresponding voice tag.
  • It can connect automatically the last BT phone that has been paired and connected, if the phone enters work range and there is no other phone connected.将自动连接
    • Hands-Free Car Kits for embedded Car audio systems
    • High Quality Stereo Bluetooth Headsets
    • High Quality Mono Bluetooth Headsets
    • Bluetooth Speakers
    • Bluetooth VoIP Handsets
    • Bluetooth Portable Media Player