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Basic Features of Wireless Power TB2001D Power Supply

Brief description: TB2001D is a wireless power supply with built-in rechargeable battery and built-in wireless remote control:

  • Built-in 2000mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery, depending on the pen environment used, the measured work can reach more than 6-8 hours; external micro USB charging, general mobile phone charger can be charged; the fastest 1-1.5 hours can be fully charged;
  • The actual output voltage is adjusted from 5V-12V

Custom LCD display with time and power capacity indicator

  • When the user adjusts, the actual adjustment voltage can be displayed;
  • In the state of power-on output, the remaining power (%) is automatically displayed; the working time is switched (hours), and the display content is automatically switched every 5 seconds; during output, the time colon always flashes;
  • When the battery is low, % flashes, indicating that charging is required;
  • When charging, the charging progress will be displayed;

Operation : 3 operation buttons

  • One power key and output are shared by key;
  • One adjustment voltage increases, short press single step, long press fast increase;
  • One adjustment voltage decreases, short press decreases in a single step (0.1V / step), long press decreases quickly (0.3V / step);
  • Built-in wireless receiver module, receiving wireless pedal signal;
  • When there is no output or operation, it will automatically shut down in 1 minute;


  • There are three kinds of output connectors for selection , including DC, RCA, 3.5mm headphone (special for Cheyenne) plugs;

built-in auxiliary functions:

  • Built-in smart Jump star function;
  • Built-in wireless receiving module, users can pair and use according to the instructions after selecting the launch base, and can be added at any time;
  • The receiving pedal has two working modes: Manu and Continental, and it can automatically cut the sternum;