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Get the experience of the tattoo artist require, he asked to customize the power equipment separately, but because the equipment is individually ordered, the relative cost is high, but the tattoo artist has the unique personality requirements. A good personality pattern or brand or logo is written on the power supply device and can be displayed on the device as a symbol of personal use when the device is turned on or normally. At the same time, the device will have device personalization and storage. In this way, it will be handy when used. In response to this demand, we specially launched a special custom model for experienced tattoo masters and artists. This device is a special custom model. Strive to make this device a standard configuration for the tattoo industry.

A specially developed and designed power supply device with complete functions and good stability. Based on ergonomic principles, the design's operability and intuitive visual interface allow artists to observe the information they need at a glance.

The characteristics of this power supply device are as follows:

  • The surface is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, and the metal surface is oxidized. The strong metal texture and weight sense clearly distinguish some fake metal textures, reflecting nobleness and quality;
  • Adopt IPS TFT full-viewing angle display, with pixels up to 240 * 320, which can fully express personalized patterns and icons or brand performance; completely elegant and general temperament performance;
  • It is easy to adjust the knob to adjust to the required working voltage. Compared with the push-button switch, it needs a lot of different feelings to press it.
  • The colorful display and elegant and beautifully adjusted sounds (specially designed percussion music) allow artists to operate the power equipment is also a kind of enjoyment, and is placed in the hall of the junction of art and modern technology;
  • Inductive call function, which can switch the commonly used working voltage with a wave of hands, which is different from the memory function of special hemp lock, which can be used without memory; it also has multiple sets of memory outputs;
  • ultra-low speed output function as low as 0.1HZ, very suitable for some special tattoo scenes;
  • using a coil machine, the maximum output frequency can reach more than 150Hz, seamless and free adjustment from 0.1Hz to 150Hz, without special switching; the operating frequency can be intuitively displayed on the display screen;
  • stable output voltage, regardless of the coil or motor, can output a stable voltage, there will be no trembling sound;
  • brand power adapter, can output continuous and reliable current;
  • Convenient and intuitive timing function, which can automatically display the total time and working time;
  • automatic sleep function, no operation for ten minutes, it will automatically enter the sleep state, sleep low power consumption state;
  • Gesture control function, just need to wave a hand, you can directly control output
  • 6.5mm output jack and foot jack, DC DC jack, single / dual channel optional
  • The back magnet can be easily fixed on any iron plate;
  • in addition to booting can be customized to display the LOGO or content or personalized signature, there will be more surprises;