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Intelligent Temperature Monitoring System


  • Intelligent Temperature Monitor, High Precision Temperature Sensor and Intelligent Monitoring and Analysis System


  • Real-time, comprehensive and stable monitoring of environmental factors and equipment status that may affect the results of experiments and research and development, and output valuable data and analysis reports, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of laboratory operation.
  • Connect all your existing laboratory temperature box equipment to an online system where you can manage experiments and access data, and you can easily understand the relationship between data, results and conclusions.

major function:

  • On-site and remote 24x7 continuously, comprehensively and steadily monitors the temperature conditions of temperature boxes or thermostats.
  • The temperature curve of the test process is automatically generated to improve the compliance of the laboratory.
  • When the temperature is abnormal, the relevant personnel will be notified in real time by means of Wechat, E-mail, etc.
  • Visual temperature data can be accessed in real time anytime and anywhere to improve the availability and accountability of data.
  • Sharing data with other systems and application programs (LIMS, ELN) through API to achieve in-depth laboratory informatization.


  • Real-time monitoring can be realized without connection with temperature box equipment or equipment that needs to monitor temperature.
  • It is suitable for the monitoring of all brands of temperature box equipment, and realizes the monitoring and management of all brands of temperature box equipment by a system.
  • Through temperature monitoring, real-time statistical analysis of the working time and utilization rate of temperature box equipment, optimize equipment asset management;
  • Intelligent storage device temperature monitoring data, and classified according to customer defined conditions.

Technical specifications:

  • Temperature measurement accuracy: +0.5 C;
  • Minimum interval of temperature data acquisition: 1s;
  • Temperature Data Storage: 100,000